Mr. Willis is a youthful witness of the good deeds of Jesus Christ and is committed to the evangelism of Christ-discipleship. Through the spirit of God, he believed that one day God would use him as His vessel and mouth piece to raise and support orphaned children within Kenya and to help the many abandoned widows in his community and around Kenya. Through trust in God, spiritual believe and commitment to the service of God through community work, Willis founded the United Hope International to help as a vessel in order to offer care and support to orphans, widows and the vulnerable people in his society.

Born on 27th/Jan/1986, Willis grew up from a humble, Christian family in the rural parts of Western Kenya, Kisumu County, Miwani division where he undertook his primary and secondary education from the same local set-up.  By the grace of God, he now holds a Bachelors Degree in Christian Ministries from the Africa International University (AIU), Nairobi –Kenya and is currently pursuing a second degree in Biblical Studies at Daystar University, Kenya. These trainings, his humble background and challenges of his community modelled him in many aspects of life, particularly in servant hood, children ministry, counselling, and community health and development. Through the United Hope International and generous support of various partners and stakeholders, he continues to champion efforts aimed at addressing the ravages of poverty, challenges of orphan-hood, widows, girl and boy child education, amongst other health and livelihood interventions.

Reach out and interact with Mr. Willis at,, twitter @Auko-W