Through our HIV intervention project, we undertake the following;

  • Guidance and counselling of persons living with the virus
  • Monitoring their adherence and health seeking behaviours
  • Facilitating their efforts at accessing hospital facilities and getting treatment whenever required
  • Offer emergency medical evacuation to argent cases within the community in order to help them get hospital management
  • Giving dedicated attention to the widows and orphans arising from HIV/AIDs –in our livelihoods, and education programs.

Summary of what we have done under this project:

  • We have a database of over 45 HIV/AIDs orphaned children under our care and support at the children’s home and school
  • We have managed to offer over 35 cases of medical evacuations from the community at odd-hours to various local hospital facilities
  • We have a database of over 26 HIV/AIDs related cases of widows whom we occasionally support through distribution of basic needs such as food/ clothing
  • We have constructed a total of 10 semi-permanent housing structures for 10 households living with HIV/AIDs

Summary of what we intend to do under this project:

  • We intend to have a stand-by ambulance motor-vehicle for emergency medical evacuations from the community to various local hospitals for enhanced management
  • We intend to engage resident HIV/AIDs counsellors at United Hope International community field offices to offer constant counselling in order to enhance HIV/AIDs adherence levels within our community and increased hospital referrals for further health management